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About Us

Ottoman Virtual Airlines was founded on May, 2013. Our aim is introducing virtual aviation to people and raise conscious virtual pilots by bringing together who are in love this hobby. Our Pilots are free to fly on Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network (VATSIM) and also on Internaional Virtual Aviation Organization (IVAO) platforms. If you are looking for a virtual airline with high realism and the possibility to fly to a variety of destinations, welcome to apply for a career with us.

Choose a flight

To perform the flight you choose the required flight on the site or smartCARS, this flight will automatically be displayed in the client. You can also perform the "Charter flight" by filling the flight plan in the client.

Perform a flight

Fly in the simulator as you wish. The flight is performed both in the VATSIM, IVAO and in the offline mode. It is reflected in the statistics. So, you have a freedom with us. Keep calm and fly with us.

What can we offer you?

Registered IVAO VA the opportunity to fly where you want, with the aircraft you want, at the times you want. Being certified VA on VATSIM and POSCON in process to give you more opportunity.

Live Map

Our Features


Usefull and simple acars software. We are pleased to present everyone's favorite flight tracker.

IPS Tracker

Integrated Pirep System (IPS) for online flying pilots.Just type RMK/OTTOMAN your flight will be recorded.

Smart Dashboard

Pilot's smart console which you may reach everything in one screen.

Your non-flown flights

You may see the flights which you have not flown and you may join annual tours.

Powerful Partner

You can learn a lot about aviation world and get support about simulations world with our powerful partner Fly Aviation Club


Basit ve kullanışlı uçuş kayıt yazılımı. Herkesin favorisini sunmaktan gurur duyarız.

IPS Tracker

Online uçuşa Entegre Pirep Sistemi (IPS) sayesinde RMK/OTTOMAN yazarak uçuşunuzu kaydedebilirsiniz.

Akıllı Dashboard

Herşeye tek ekrandan ulaşabileceğiniz akıllı pilot konsolu.

Uçmadığın uçuşları takip et

Henüz uçmadığınız uçuşları görebilir, yıllık düzenlenen turlara katılabilirsiniz.

Muhteşem Partnerimiz

Muhteşem partnerimiz Virtual Aviation Club sayesinde havacılık ve simulasyon dünyası hakkında bilgi sahibi olabilirsiniz.

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Best Screenshots

Best screenshots from our pilots. Thanks to you all for participating

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Do you want to be part of the family?

Thanks for interested in our virtual airline. Please check our RULES page before you apply for a membership.